Kitchen BacksplashAside from choosing the cabinet door styles and countertops, we often find our customers rambling which backsplashes to choose. Choosing a backsplash is indeed one of the crucial decisions to make to complete the whole look of a kitchen. It has to standout on its own and yet, has to compliment the kitchen floor, cabinets and the countertop. You simply don’t want them fighting for attention and end up in a mess as a winner.

Below are some of the best tips that we gathered in considering a backsplash:

1. Determine Your Personal Style

While we can give you tons of tips, the main rule is to do what makes you happy. The overall look of your kitchen must be executed according to what you envisioned it. It’s your rule! From Anna Marie Fanelli of Forbes, finding your own aesthetics will serve as your guide in choosing the materials for your backsplash.

2. Pick a Color that Matches Other Colors in Your Kitchen

The color of the backsplash has blend with other colors in your kitchen. The colors don’t have to be same but at least on the same hues from the color palette. From, choosing a matching color serves to link the tile backsplash and the cabinets, giving them more prominence and hierarchy in the design.

3. Tile Patterns Don’t Need to Be Too Busy Or Overly Designed.

According to Marc Chavaree of Accent Renovations, heavily designed tiles will make the kitchen look muddied or cluttered. The patterns could be eye straining and will make your kitchen strange looking.

With so many varieties of backsplash styles around, we know that it is difficult to choose especially when all of them are beautiful. We hope that these basic guides will help you pick the right backsplash for your kitchen.